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If you support independent music artists please donate. Our #1 goal is to promote new music artists, help with distributing & showcasing new talent to the world thru mix cds shows radio magazines & t.v. Again We Personally Thank Yall For All The donations

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Underground Music Nation is a new site  established in winter of 2010  by CEO KJ.  KJ started his music career promoting for Death Row Records Knight Life Management helping the careers of Snoop Dog, Dog Pound, Lady Of Rage, Nate Dog & many others. Also he is the former manager & member of Ludacris D.T.P. and helped Ludacris start his career off opening up for acts like da luniz, too short, biggie, craig mack & many more. Along with KJ, Ludacris & Dj Ghost they formed the group DTP and performed in various cities in the southeast.

Underground Music Nation specializes in the hottest mix cd music downloads. We offer a diverse category of mix cd music downloads that include R&B, RAP, OLD SCHOOL, COUNTRY, ROCK, POP, JAZZ,  GOSPEL, REGGAE, LATINO, REGGATON, SALSA, BACHATA, MERENGUE and many more. Our team consists of the hottest producers, djs, artists &  promoters. Our vision is to provide the hottest music from mix cd dj’s & new emerging artists that believe in real music!


  1. We provide vast genres of mp3 downloads from new to classics
  2. We provide the latest news & videos from all genres of music
  3. We provide the hottest unsigned/underground artists from around the world
  4. Each month we give away cash prizes, gift certificates, concert tickets to subscribed members
  5. All of our mp3’s are cd quality. We run anti virus programs weekly to provide safe downloads
  6. We update our music weekly

What our site offers free to unsigned/underground artists (Right Now) Free

If you are an artist who wants to get your music to the world & u don’t have access to a computer, send us your demo.  Click on (Contact Us) with (artwork & tracks) & we will put it under the Indy Artists category for everybody to listen to & members can download it.

  1. This is all a free service
  2. Artist page where you can upload your album cover & music
  3. Artist page for your bio, list your tour dates & your own blog.
  4. We will promote your projects through internet radio/t.v. advertisement
  5. We have a street team in every state ready to help you promote your project
  6. We will book you with showcases that we do in your city
  7. Have a chance to open up for national recording artist
  8. Have a chance to appear in some of our upcoming music videos
  9. We work with some of the top A&R in the business


We promise all quality music, very safe downloads, quick responses to any problems or question you might have.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us and we will try our best to provide it for you because we love music as much as you love music. Thank you. Hope to fill your Ipod, PC or Cell soon.

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