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Best Of Benny Latimore


1. Let’s Straighten It Out 5:15 Benny Latimore 
2. Take Me To The Mountaintop 4:07 Benny Latimore 
3. Stop Half Loving These Women 3:18 Benny Latimore 
4. Lay Another Log On The Fire 4:39 Benny Latimore 
5. Dig A Little Deeper 5:40 Benny Latimore 
6. Keep The Home Fire Burnin’ 3:17 Benny Latimore 
7. Somethin’ ‘Bout ‘Cha 4:51 Benny Latimore 
8. Qualified Man 4:35 Benny Latimore 
9. Whoop That Thang On Me 4:57 Benny Latimore 
10. Country Woman 5:05 Benny Latimore 
11. Bad Risk 4:54 Benny Latimore 
12. You Still Make Me Feel Good 5:25 Benny Latimore 
13. All You’ll Ever Need 5:23 Benny Latimore 
14. Careful Man 3:47 Benny Latimore 
15. If You Were My Woman 5:10 Benny Latimore 
16. Sunshine Lady 4:17 Benny Latimore 


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01 Let's Straighten It Out.mp3
02 Take Me To The Mountaintop.mp3
03 Stop Half Loving These Women.mp3
04 Lay Another Log On The Fire.mp3
05 Dig A Little Deeper.mp3
06 Keep The Home Fire Burnin'.mp3
07 Somethin' 'Bout 'Cha.mp3
08 Qualified Man.mp3
09 Whoop That Thang On Me.mp3
10 Country Woman.mp3
11 Bad Risk.mp3
12 You Still Make Me Feel Good.mp3
13 All You'll Ever Need.mp3
14 Careful Man.mp3
15 If You Were My Woman.mp3
16 Sunshine Lady.mp3

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