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GOIN' IN MIX Vol.1This is my first officially released mix! I’ve been working on it for a while so sorry for the long absence! I was going for a hard dance mix or club mix of some popular and not so popular songs. I love the way it came out and definently be out on the look for more content. Leave your thoughts in the comments! Song List: Goin’ In ( Michael Woods Remix) Where Have You Been ( Hardwell Club Mix) Midnight City ( Eric Prydz Private Remix) Lets Go ( esquire vs. OFFBeat Remix) Live My Life ( Miami Life

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DeeJay DanZ CreW 2012


DeeJay DanZ CreW 2012My Daughter Keisha Raven and her group “DeeJay DanZ CreW” compete at Barangay Gordon Heights Olongapo City Dance Competition. Awesome dance! I’m proud of you keisha!

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